Forest Lodge in Jim Corbett National Park


Jim Corbett National Park is one of the famous wildlife reserves in India, covering more than 520 sq km area in the Himalayan foothills. Every year thousand of tourists come to this park to enjoy the wild life adventure and nature. For the convenience of visitors Jim Corbett National Park has been distributed into five tourism zones.

Jim Corbett National Park offers various forest lodges and jungle guest houses in different zones. Every zone has its separate entry gate.

Tourism Zone Entry Gate Best Timing
Dunagiri 15th Nov to 15th June
Durgadevi 15th Oct to 30th June
Vatanvasa 15th Oct to 30th June
Amdanda 15th Oct to 30th June
Khara, Kalagarh Round of the year

Dhikala forest zone is the long-familiar destinations in Corbett Park. It is placed at the edge of the Patli Dun valley. River Ramganga flows in numerous channels from there. Dhikala offers a superb uninterrupted panoramic sight of the valley, with the Kanda peak in the backdrop. This sight seems as much more imposing the tower in the vicinity Dhikala. The Tourist complex on Dhikala chaur ( one of the last large meadows of the Park) and Phulai chaur. A reader through the many paths through chaurs is rewarded by the observations for the wild elephants, chital, the stag of pigs and many species birds of the meadows and the raptors. Old convalescent home in Dhikala is a historical structure, having been built more than a hundred of years.


Sarapduli rest house is situated on the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road. It is based downstream of Gairal on the southern bank of Ramganga, and the parallel northern bank summons to a ridge. The possibility of catching sight of mammals like tiger, elephants is quite high at Sarapduli. It is also known as a good place for bird watching. Reptiles like crocodiles are also seen in large numbers here.


This rest house is located on a short detour off the Dhangarhi-Dhikala main forest road. It is based on the banks of the Ramganga. Gairal is a tranquil off shore destination ideal for relaxing. Opportunities to see wildlife and birds in their natural habitat are available here. Ramganga flows in a crystal clear, fast flowing manner of a mountain river through this spot.


Khinnanauli is situated in mid range of Khinnanauli chaur. The rest house is one of the recently constructed rest houses of Corbett Park. This rest house lies in the territory frequented by tigers. So it is great place to be near the precious animal’s habitat. Its ideal location provides an access to different parts of the park.


Kanda is situated in the northern side of Corbett sidelined by the Himalayas. It is known as the highest rest house in the park perched at around 1100 m. The magnificent height of this spot provides a bird’s eye view of the park and the Ramganga valley. The fauna here consists of mammals like Goral, Himalayan Black Bear, and Leopards.


This forest rest house is 12 km in the North-West because of Bijrani. Located on the edge of the central zone of the Park, Malani has offer; one of most picturesque and loneliness. The reader of Malani is very enriching in the observations by mammals and the birds.


This forest rest house is with an interior of the southern limit of the Park. The rest house is on the road of Ramnagar to Kalagarh that turns in a East-West direction through the Park. The landscape is drier than in Dhikala and of the vegetation is mainly undergrowth. Jhirna forest zone was an agricultural village until 1994, date on which it was moved within the framework of the Tiger project. The hills in the north of Jhirna are covered with dense spots of bamboo. In more to be a good habitat for the tiger, the leopard and the stag, the place accommodates the other mammals like interesting sloth bear and the wild boar. A variety of birds can also be appreciated here.


This lodging is located in the northern part of the reserve of tigers of Corbett RF buffer zone. It is located on banks of the Mandal river upstream of its confluence with Ramganga.You can get access from Durga Devi gate.


Rathuadhap is one of the famous place for the elephants in Jim Corbett National Park. It is located in the north of the buffer; Rathuadhap is on the forest road connecting Durga Devi in the east and towards Vatanvasa in west.


Halduparao rest house is one of the oldest rest houses. It was built hundred years ago. It is placed between the Palain and Sonanadi rivers just before they meet into Ramganga reservoir. Halduparao is the best destination to watch wild elephants during summer season.