Information Inside Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park follows strict rules and regulations. All visitors are expected to stand by the norms and write to keep the national park evergreen with its wildlife and flora. Tourists cannot enter their own vehicles into the park. Visitors must use a taxi number jeep to enjoy Jeep Safari inside the park. Permit for those jeeps are issued by Corbett Tiger Reserve. Visitors must hire an authorised wildlife guide during their travel. There is no fuel station beyond Ramnagar. So should refuel you vehicles before entering the park.

Trekking is strictly prohibited inside the park except at some fix places. Specific tracks are maintained for visitors to enjoy the photography and some refreshments. Driving off track is not allowed for safety reason. The gates are closed at sunset and no night driving is allowed.


Avoid light colours such as white, pink, red, yellow and blue. You should wear dark shaded cloths such as brown and green shaded cloths are best suitable to make chance see animals and less disturbing to the environment.


  • Do not walk in to the core zones.
  • Do not smoke in restricted areas.
  • Don’t play music inside the park.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes.
  • Carry your personal medicine and first aid kit.
  • You should also carry torch, flashlight, cameras, extra film rolls etc.

The distance to various places in Corbett National Park from Ramnagar is

Places Near Jim Corbett National Park Distances
Ramnagar to Amdanda Gate 2km
Ramnagar to Bijrani Gate 11km
Ramnagar to Dhangarhi Gate 18km
Ramnagar to Malani Gate 23km
Ramnagar to Jhirna Gate 25km
Ramnagar to Durgadevi Gate 26km
Ramnagar to Gairal Gate 37km
Ramnagar to Sarpduli Gate 38km
Ramnagar to Lohachaur Gate 43km
Ramnagar to Kalagarh Gate 45km
Ramnagar to Khinanauli Gate 46km
Ramnagar to Dhikala 51km
Ramnagar to Nainital 62km
Ramnagar to Kanda (via Durgadevi) 65km
Ramnagar to Rathuadhab 71km